Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP)

To address the concern of the growing educated-unemployment rates of the State,  the SSDP or State Skill Development Project was enacted, in the year 2012.  The ASAP is under the General and Higher Education Department of Kerala State. The Programme aims at equipping selected school/college students with skills in Communication, IT and selected areas of industry and service sectors. Student selection for skill training happens through a series of steps starting from orientation programmes in the ASAP institutions.The activities of ASAP Cell in St. Thomas College Palai started in the year 2012. The Classes under ASAP will be engaged by Skill Development Executives. The college conducted ASAP training programmes and more than 10 students of the college were qualified as Skill Development Executive (SDE) candidates. The qualified SDEs give trainings in different ASAP programmes at various institutions. The activities of ASAP in the college are conducted in collaboration with the Higher Education Council, Government of Kerala.

List of Students Who Underwent Skill Training  at St. Thomas College Palai

1. Tonu Anto
Paul Joseph
3 Rojan Roy
4 Jerin Tom
5 Jibin Joseph
6 Akhil Tom Prakash
7 Jishnu Mohanan
8 Mathew K S
9 Rony James
10 Jobins Johny
11 Akhil Sebastian
12 Kiran Justin Joseph
13 Ajith Jose
14 Gokul M R
15 Murali Krishnan K
16 Nirmal Benny
17 Ronald Scaria
18 Albin Benny
19 Amal K Reji
20 Sujith Selvam