STCP-Innovation and Incubation Centre(STCP-IIC)


As part of nationwide initiatives for the implementation of National Innovation and Start-up Policy (NISP) 2019 in higher educational institutions, STCP-Innovation and Incubation Centre (STCPIIC) was begun to function with effect from 29th September 2020 with the mission of facilitating entrepreneurship and start-up formation by promoting and accelerating innovation among the students of the college as well as the public and other stakeholders. STCP-IIC promoted by St. Thomas College Palai Educational Trust and function with the support of the Institutional Innovation Council , Rural Entrepreneurship Development (RED) Cell, Entrepreneurship Development (ED) Club, Centre for Skill Development(CSD) and the Career and Placement Cell of the College, as per our Innovation and Start-up Policy.

Members of the Administrative Committee of the Centre


Rev. Dr. James John Mangalathu (Principal)

Chief Executive Officer

Rev. Fr. Mathew Alappattumedayil

Chief Finance Officer

Sri. James Varghese

Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Toji Thomas

Chief Innovation Officer

Sri. Bobby Simon


Dr. Babu Jose

Members of the Executive Committee of the Centre

Rev. Dr. James John Mangalathu (Principal)

Dr. Sunny Kuriakose (Vice-Principal)

Rev.Fr. Mathew Kurian Kavanadimalayil (Bursar)

Dr. Sunil C Mathew (IQAC Coordinator)

Sri. Bobby Simon (Nodal Officer for NISP Implementation)

Rev. Fr. Mathew Alappattumedayil (Nominee of the College Council)

Dr.Toji Thomas (Nominee of the College Council)

Dr. Sajeev Martin George (Institutional Innovation Council)

Dr. Joben Antony (Rural Entrepreneurship Development Cell)

Dr.Tejil Thomas (Entrepreneurship Development Club)

Dr. Babu Jose (Centre for Skill Development)

Sri. James Varghese (Career and Placement Cell)

Dr. Ginson P Joseph (Young Innovators Programme)

Dr.Ratheesh M (Unnat Bharat Abhiyan)

Sri. Jithin Praksh (Yukthi)

Sri. Jinu Mathew (ATAL Ranking)

Sri.Rudalf Thomas(Office Superintendent)