History Museum

Founded in 2015, the museum exhibits both archaeological specimens and the objects of local heritage. It was conceptualized and started for the students of both B.A. Vocational History with Archaeology and Museology and M.A. History of the college by the collection of artefacts donated by students and the teachers. Since its inception, the museum has been accumulatingnumerous objects reflecting the cultural heritage of the region and archaeological materials. Archaeological exploration conducted in the Meenachil River basin with the permission of the Archaeological Survey of India during 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 has also yielded various materials to the museum. Today, the collection of the museum consists of objects belonging to thePaleolithic,the Neolithic andthe Megalithic and Iron Age periods,materials from the Harappan Civilization, Medievaland Modern periods. Collection includes coins, palm leaf and modern art. The Museum providesan opportunity to graduate students to do their experimental learning on documentation and exhibition of museum objects and it also familiarizes them with the basics of conservation.