Under the “New Initiatives in Higher Education“ of the department of Collegiate Education, Government of Kerala, a specialized mentoring programme called Walk With a Scholar started in this college from 2014-15 academic year. This scheme introduces the idea of mentoring to Under Graduate students and builds on the concept of mentor as a ‘Guide’ and ‘Friend’. Mentoring is a process where a mentor with greater experience and wisdom guides the mentee to develop both personally and professionally.

The mentoring scheme is purely voluntary in nature and is open for all students entering the first year UG Programme of study. The number of students identified under WWS scheme is limited to 30 and selection is done on the basis of merit. Duration of mentoring is 30 hours per year which is strictly outside class hours.

This scheme aims at giving necessary orientation to needy students, to give them proper guidance, motivation and mental support to identify appropriate areas of higher study and to prepare them for employment. This will help the student to develop their skills, improve their performance, manage their own learning, think about career options and become the person they want to be.

For the purpose of mentoring, two categories of mentors are identified: ‘Internal Mentors’ and External Mentors’. Internal Mentors are faculty from the College itself and they are persons who are able to do mentoring and support the scholars and act as a guide in building their career. External Mentors are reputed persons outside the College and from various professions like business, media, law, accounting, engineering etc. Their experience and expertise will help the student to identify a better career option.

Coordinator, WWS Programme Dr. Jose K. Xavier, Associate Professor in Chemistry