Waste Management Measures

  • We ensure minimum waste in our campus by promoting steel tiffin boxes, water bottles, etc.
  • Waste bins are kept at all places in our campus, including classrooms.
  • Wastes are collected, segregated and treated separately.
  • The college has a food-waste management system.
  • A full-fledged waste water treatment system is functional in the college. The recycled water is used for agriculture purposes in the campus.
  • The college has a modern incinerator for managing solid wastes.


Lattitude 9°42'01.5"N & Longitude 76°40'02.3"E

Lattitude 9°42'01.5"N & Longitude 76°40'02.3"E

Food Waste Management (Solid and Liquid Waste)

Lattitude 9°41'60.0"N & Longitude 76°39'56.1"E

Lattitude 9°41'58.0"N & Longitude 76°40'02.7"E

Waste Bins

Lattitude 9°42'04.5"N & Longitude 76°39'55.2"E

Lattitude 9°42'01.0"N & Longitude 76°39'56.3"E

Lattitude 9°42'01.0"N & Longitude 76°39'56.3"E

Lattitude 9°42'01.4"N & Longitude 76°39'58.3"E

Lattitude 9°42'01.0"N & Longitude 76°39'58.3"E