Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Center (IEDC)


The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centres (IEDC) are platforms set up in Engineering, Management,Arts & Science Colleges, Medical Institutions, Polytechnics and Universities with an aim to provide students with anOpportunity to experiment and innovate. Kerala Startup Mission has set up IEDCs in higher educational institutionsAcross the State which provide avenues for creative students to learn, collaborate and transform their innovative ideasInto prototypes of viable products and services. IEDCs works as the first launch pad for a student’s entrepreneurialJourney and provide them with access to cutting edge technology, world-class infrastructure, high-quality mentorship,Early risk capital and global exexposure.

Inovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) is a flagship initiative of Kerala StartupMission to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among the student and academic fraternity in the educational Institutions in the State of Kerala and considered as an umbrella programme that would play an instrumental role in Fostering innovation culture in Academic institutions

Innovation Entrepreneurship Development Centre - St. Thomas College, Palai ( IEDC STCP) With an aim to innovate, integrate and empower, IEDC STCP is actively working from its inception in 2021. Since then lot Of activities conducted in order to infuse and Improve the growth of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst the Faculty and students. It also brings about the recognition of ideas and innovations, supporting them to make their ideas And dreams a reality.


To develop a business network with required infrastructure that can enable stakeholders to innovate and prototypetheir potential ideas catering to industrial standards with support from the Government, industry and reputed academicinstitutions around the world thereby helping them to set up new benchmarks in the world of business.


• To organise Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps, Entrepreneurship Development Programmes, Faculty Development Programmes and Skill Development Programmes in the institution.

• To initiate innovative student projects each year for new innovative product development.

• To guide and assist prospective entrepreneurs on various aspects such as preparing project reports, obtaining project Approvals, loans and facilities from agencies of support system, information on technologies, etc.

• To arrange interaction with entrepreneurs and create a mentorship scheme for student entrepreneurs.

• The IEDC IEDC have been conducting various programs such as idea Pitching, workshops, Hackathon etc.. to improveSkills of students. Moreover, it also provides interaction with entrepreneurs so that students can share their queries andIdeas regarding startup.


Shortlisted for Young Innovation Programme 5.0

Congratulations on having two of your project ideas shortlisted in the Young Innovation Programme 5.0! Here are the details for the selected teams:

1.Idea ID: 25671, Team Members:

  • Aby Kuttiachan (III DC B.Com)
  • Akshay Saji (III DC B.Com)
  • Ciril Lijo (III DC B.Com)
  • Josin K Rajan (III DC B.Com)
  • Sujithmon K. S (III DC B.Com)

2.Idea ID: 25894, Team Members:

  • Jeswin Jose (III DC B.Com)
  • Efrin Mathew (III DC B.Com)
  • Christin Saji (III DC B.Com)
  • Pranav K Chandran (III DC B.Com)
  • Arun Biju (III DC B.Com)

Selected for IEDC NEST

Sooraj Mathew George selected as the Operations Lead at IEDC NEST under IEDC Kerala and Kerala StartupMission on September 2022.

Name : Dr. Binoy Chacko
Designation : Nodal Officer
Contact Number : 9947308652
Email ID : [email protected]
Name : Jinu Mathew
Designation : Assistant Nodal Officer
Contact Number : 9539804069
Email ID : [email protected]
Name : Dr. Lini L. Alappat
Designation : Assistant Nodal Officer
Contact Number : 8281817495

Email ID : [email protected]


Name : Aby Kuttiachan
Designation : Student Lead
Email ID : [email protected]
Name : Siyamol P S
Designation : Co-Student Lead
Email ID : [email protected]



SNames of the Member



Prof. Dr. James John, Principal



Dr. Binoy Chacko, Asst. Professor – Commerce

Nodal Officer


Sri. Jinu Mathew, Asst. Professor – Commerce

Asst. Nodal Officer


Dr. Lini L. Alappat, HOD - B.Voc. Sustainable Agriculture

Asst. Nodal Officer


Aby Kuttiachan, Final Year UG – Commerce

Student Lead


Siyamol P S, Final Year PG – Commerce

Co-Student Lead


Sanal Rajesh, Final Year UG – Commerce

Operations Lead


Ashbin Jose, Second Year UG – Commerce

Finance Lead


Chriswin Varghese Mathew, Final Year UG – Commerce

Creative Lead


Meera Krishnan, Final Year PG – Commerce

Women’s Lead


Anitta Manoj, Final Year PG – Commerce

Marketing Lead


Josin K Rajan, Final Year UG – Commerce

Community Lead


Augusto Baby, Final Year UG – Commerce

Technology Lead


Jose Mathew, Second Year UG – Commerce

Creative Lead


Jishnu Saji, Second Year UG - Commerce

Member Execom




The IEDC, in collaboration with the Commerce Forum and STCP-Innovation & Incubation Center, organized an IDEATHON On October 11, 2023. Prof. Bobby Simon inaugurated the event, emphasizing innovation’s role in entrepreneurship. Around 200 Commerce students formed groups, generating 23 unique business ideas to address societal needs.

Core Team Meeting

On October 6, 2023, at 2:35 pm, the CORE Meeting started in the IInd P.G classroom, led by Dr. Binoy Chacko, NodalOfficer of IEDC St. Thomas College, Palai. Discussions focused on boosting IEDC’s campus presence and planning events Such as Ideathon or Hackathon to foster entrepreneurial interest. Aby Kuttiachan and Siyamol P.S offered valuable Planning suggestions.

TiE University Inauguration Ceremony

St. Thomas College, Palai’s IEDC actively joined the TiE University 2023-24 Inauguration Ceremony at Kerala Startup Mission. The event, featuring insightful addresses, introduced TiE University—a global pitch competition for collegiate Startups. Notable guests, Dr. Saji Gopinath and Mr. Anoop Ambika, added value to the occasion. Five students Represented the college, highlighting its commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial talent.

Explore KSUM@ KITZ

IEDC STCP, in collaboration with STCP Incubation Centre, orchestrated an EXPLORE KSUM @ KTIZ. Participants were Immersed in a visit to Maker Village, FabLab, and Future Technologies at Kerala Startup Mission. Guided by KSUM officials, The tour unveiled the myriad activities and support services at each center, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit among Attendees.

i-Talk Session

IEDC STCP, in collaboration with STCP Incubation Centre, hosted an Innovative Talk (i-Talk) on August 11, 2023, from 1:15 Pm to 3:15 pm. The session, led by Adarsh V, Project Assistant at Kerala Startup Mission, focused on fostering Entrepreneurship through insightful discussions, providing a platform for innovative ideas and development.

An Outreach Programme On Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The Outreach Programme on Innovation and Entrepreneurship at St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School, Palai, organized by IEDC STCP in collaboration with STCP Innovation and Incubation Centre, effectively introduced innovation andEntrepreneurship concepts to students. Positive feedback underscores the program’s success in cultivating an Entrepreneurial mindset among participants.

An Outreach Programme On Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Outreach Programme, hosted by IEDC STCP in collaboration with STCP Innovation And Incubation Centre, successfully introduced innovation and entrepreneurship concepts to students at St. Thomas Higher Secondary School, Palai. Positive feedback underscores the program’s effectiveness in fostering an Entrepreneurial mindset among participants

Workshop on Government Support Schemes For Startups

The innovation and Entrepreneurship Department of St. Thomas College Palai (IEDC STCP) is pleased to invite students to Partake in the entrepreneurship workshop on “Government support schemes for startups” by Chandran sir, Taluk Industrial officer, Meenachil conducted on 21 November 2022.

Women Entrepreneurship Workshop

IEDC STCP organized a Women Entrepreneurship Workshop on December 9, 2022, at St. Joseph Hall, from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm. Conducted by Nishamol A V, Industries Extensive Officer, Erattupetta Block, the workshop aimed to empower and Inspire women in entrepreneurship, providing valuable insights and guidance for their business endeavors.

Workshop On Design Thinking For Ideation and Pitching

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) of St. Thomas College is organizing a one-day workshopOn “Design Thinking for Ideation and Business Pitching” on 06th December 2022, from 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM at the Msgr.Kureethadam Hall in the G-Block. The session will be handled by Prof. Sarju. S of St. Joseph College of Engineering and Technology, Palai.

Innovative Talk

“Everything that occurs to us in life is a resource, an experience that we can learn from and grow from.” The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre of St. Thomas College, Palai is providing the students of the college an opportunity to hear from Mr. Robin K Thomas, Co-Founder, and CEO of Astrek Innovations, a Kerala Startup Mission Incubated health-tech startup, his experiences as a young entrepreneur.


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